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We offer tutorials for CTA (1&2) and ITCsupport.

Students attend live weekend class sessions; in addition to the 24/7 online, self-paced and monitored access to pre-recorded videos that are available as soon as you register. Each subject has (2) tutors, 24/7 online email or chat support and a discussion forum.

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We focus on core skills involving simplifying complex calculations and discussion techniques, and soft skills strengthening emotional intelligence and time management. We have had a consecutive 100% exam entry, and pass rate as high as 90%. On our testimonials there is evidence of students obtaining distinctions for every subject and some scoring 100% for tests! We have produced distinctions in every subject both in tests and exams. Find out how smart techniques can help you achieve your CTA goals.
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Our study-smart technique has effectively produced distinctions in all CTA subjects in tests and exams. We have a consistent record of 100% exam entry. Our material is independently reviewed and pass rate for the past 3 consecutive years is at 90%. It's best to start with the rest of the team in January every year.

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CTA Support

You will acquire the knowledge required to understand and develop smart study techniques for both discussion and other complex matters. To keep you as stress-free as possible, we use unique methods to downsize the volume of the work while maintaining quality. Join us early and share your journey with us.


This course is in three phases: (1) Deal with technicalities around understanding the required and connecting it to the scenario/case study. (2) Discuss and apply the core principles for all four subjects. (3) Practice Questions while cementing the soft skills required to manage pressure in the exam. (Includes assessment reviews).