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How different are we?

First distinction at CTA level 2, from never passing MAC to never failing the entire year. From average 50s in undergraduate to 80s at CTA level 2. Passing at first attempt and never feeling stressed about the workload during the year. A distinction at Auditing in CTA level 2. All this can be found in our testimonial section. That’s just how different we are.


Why Choose us

Experienced Tutor

All our lecturers have more than four (4)years tip-top experience in facilitating Accounting Sciences for Post-graduate studies (CTA), including final year B.Compt Financial and Management Accounting subjects.

Our goals

Our overall goal is to guarantee that 100% of our students qualify for exam entry, with at least 80% passing October exams while the other 20% seal off a 100% pass rate record in January exams.

24/7 Hours Support

Our team are able to assist you 24/7 whether you prefer face to face tutorials or using our online video tutorials, we embed highly effective modern teaching techniques that detail key principles in a simplified manner